Cyrex Laboratories

Cyrex Laboratories was looking for a communications partner to help increase awareness for their autoimmune testing panels. Recognizing the need for a program directed at educating the consumer about Cyrex’s tests, Bastion Elevate developed an aggressive approach to rapidly expand visibility both with consumers and within the healthcare community for Cyrex’s testing. Bastion Elevate developed dozens of targeted health and consumer lists for patients who might be interested in seeking out autoimmune testing. Cyrex quickly noticed an increase in both interest and sales. The Cyrex customer service team began receiving an increased number of calls from patients looking to learn more about where and how they could go about getting tested through Cyrex. Physicians also began to make more inquiries about how they might prescribe these tests and sign up for accounts through Cyrex. Success metrics include: 334 unique pieces of coverage, 227 links back to joincyrex.com and 19K social shares directly from coverage. Today, Cyrex is well known as the industry standard in immunology testing and sales continue to grow as the company quickly expands and introduces more tests to the market.


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